• Unidade Itaim
    (11) 3040-1100
  • Unidade Morumbi
  • Unidade Anália Franco
    (11) 3386-1100
  • Unidade Jabaquara
    (11) 5018-4000
  • Unidade São Caetano
    (11) 2777-1100

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São Luiz General and Maternity Hospital is considered as one of the most advanced hospitals in Brazil and is a national reference as a maternity hospital, general hospital, and emergency room. It was founded in 1938 as a polyclinic with 12 beds at that time. Nowadays, has four units in São Paulo city: in the districts of Itaim Bibi, Morumbi, Tatuapé and Jabaquara.

São Luiz is proud to keep a general level of hospital infection significantly lower than the domestic and international standards. In the surgical field, São Luiz has made investments to create a more appropriate environment, with state-of-the-art equipment to perform the most complex procedures. It presently has one of the best hospital hotel services in the country. Its accommodations are in accordance with the international standards in terms of comfort and safety, placing patient welfare as the top priority.

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